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September 2016 "Zen Magazine" (Frankrike)
Gentle Black Suga Facial Polish og Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap ble omtalt:

"We decided to focus on a subject that we all care about, male or female, old or young...living a natural lifestyle daily, especially when it comes to our skin! Enter the world of wellness and beauty and eliminate toxins and dead skin to help radiate skin from the inside out. Let's focus on the face, the area most exposed and most sensitive, which bears the brunt of pollution and may also have the most visible reactions! To fight dryness, acne, oiliness or redness, we've offered a weekly routine complete with a choice of all-natural products to respect and maintain your skin.


A Korean soap made from coal and sugar. Both prominent ingredients in Korean beauty, the charcoal absorbs impurities deposited on the skin while sugar exfoliates skin. It doesn't dry out skin because it is reinforced with glycerin, natural sunflower and coconut oil, and doesn't contain perfumes!"

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